Tuesday, July 16, 2013

sending postcards

"In every letter, in every line, she saw him."
-Diana Peterfreund

Once, I only wrote three words on a letter, "I miss you." Another time I wrote three pages full of emotions, confessions, and apologies. Neither one received a reply.

Letter writing is supposedly being filed as another "lost art." I, however, never tire from sending out postcards, thoughts, and stories to those I know and love. To me, writing letters is one of the most personal things one person can do for another nowadays. So I usually have a handful I send out every few weeks while traveling, and even now while I'm home for a bit.

If'd you'd like a personal note or two, don't by shy - send me your address or information!

image: tennessee misses you (designed by Meghan McCrary, available on etsy); love you to bits & pieces! (found downtown Knoxville, designed by Sugarboo Designs).


  1. Sending post cards are very important for communication purposes.

  2. post cards plays an important role for communication.
    great post :)


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