Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Nicklas Kingo: Interview Feature

"One of the best things you can do for yourself is become
acutely aware of your energy and how you manage and care for it."
-Indigo Williams

Originally from the suburbs of Copenhagen - and a few years spent in Australia, where he holds a second citizenship - 23 year old Nicklas Kingo is hardly a sight for sore eyes. A full time model, Nick also writes a personal blog with a well-known feature, Model Memoirs. Which is essentially his thoughts and views of the fashion industry, and all he discovers through-out the different cultures along his career and way in life.

AP: Did you know at a young age you wanted to be a model? How did you get your start?

NK: No, not at all. I was a super fat kid for most of my childhood. I was the fat class clown so I kind of always imagined myself becoming a jolly big teddy bear comedian, using my fatness as a weapon like most of them do.

AP: What was your first 'big break' into the industry?

NK: Calvin Klein Exclusive Milan FW 2012 and Louis Vuitton in Paris a few days after.

AP: Are there any differences you've noticed in the industry since you started versus the perception you had before?

NK: Like everybody, I thought that the fashion industry was one big cocaine orgy, unfortunately it's not.

AP: Traveling is a major part of the job for a model, where all have you traveled since you jumped into the industry?

NK: France, UK, Italy, Spain, USA, Australia, Korea, and Japan. Now I'm pretty fed up with traveling so I want to settle down in Denmark for a while and focus my energy on other things.

AP: Do you have a favorite city now that you've visited so many?

NK: Tokyo is pretty rad, the same goes for New York. But none of them even come close to my native Copenhagen when the sun shines. We've got the most beautiful women in the world and as soon as May hits and the igloos start melting, they whip out their summer dresses, riding around on their dainty bicycles. Everybody just gets crazy happy like they've never seen the sun before. Copenhagen in the summertime is magical as f***.

AP: Do you have a favorite job or client you have worked for?

NK: If they have catering and they're cool, I don't complain.

AP: Do you prefer runways or shoots?

NK: It all depends on the people. If there's a great team with people who're keen for talking shit and don't take the whole too seriously, I'm happy. In the beginning I preferred shows though, before the novelty kind of wore off. The first couple of shows were like crack to my ego.

AP: What does your career as a model do for you?

NK: It gives me money and allows me to experience things I wouldn't necessarily have access to before. I do enjoy it because of that but it is also very unfulfilling.

AP: You run a personal blog in your spare time, what made you want to start documenting your life as a male model?

NK: Well, it was never my purpose to concentrate the blog on modeling. I wanted to write about self-development, how-to's, and just awesome shit in general. Writing memoirs was merely a platform for me to hone my writing skills. I'm just telling my story basically, there's no real synthesis, I'm not creating content per se. It just came easy to me and I chose to roll with it. I do want to get back to concentrating on more interesting topics though. Writing about modeling attracts a lot of crazies and while I do try to be nice to them and be thankful for them putting time into reading my stuff, they creep me the f*** out.

AP: Is writing a career you could see yourself pursuing after modeling? Or do you have other plans in mind?

NK: Yes, very much so. I love writing, making music, or just mocking around with a video camera with a bunch of mates. Basically anything creative. But I don't want to focus all of my juices on writing. I believe being a jack-of-all trades is the best fit for me, because I can't keep doing the same thing for too long. I have the attention span of a beetle.

AP: When you're not busy modeling or blogging, what are some of your favorite things to do?

NK: I love going out to eat and trying new food, having my own food/travel show like Anthony Bourdain would be the perfect job for me. I read a lot as well, I'm going through a Robert Greene phase right now. Podcasts are also a big thing for me - it seems like I'm consuming content every waking hour. I'm also always learning different languages to some smaller or larger extent - currently brushing up on my French. Other than that, I meditate, play music, drink coffee, and am starting to get back into weight lifting again.

AP: Any exciting jobs or plans coming up in the near future?

NK: I'm doing a bridal job in a French castle on Tuesday for a couple of days. Bridal jobs are f***ing hilarious. They're so cheesy and the photos are always terrible, but the pay and the working conditions are pretty gangster. I did one in Tokyo last year and by the end of the day I felt like I had used my face for dead lifting; my cheeks were so sore from all the exaggerated smiling.

Other than that, I'll be covering one of the most famous music festivals in the world, Roskilde Festival, for Positive Magazine, which I blog for. I'll be documenting the mayhem live via Positive Magazine's Twitter (@POSITIVE_Mag) and my own too (@NicklasKingo).

Mother Agency: 2PM Management - www.2pm.dk

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  1. This is a really good interview it lets have plenty of insight about the modeling world and of course traveling. Nicklas is not only a great writer but I love that he's so honest and open among his many other great qualities (gorgeous looks).


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