Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

"My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could ever give 
another person, he believed in me."
-Jim Valvano

As a daughter, your father is the first man you love. The first man you learn to trust in this awfully vast world. He's there to scare the monsters away at night when you're just a toddler, lift you high upon his shoulders where you swear you're at the highest point in the world when you're a little girl, and to make you feel as if you can accomplish anything you set your mind to as your grow up.

If you know my dad and I , you'll most likely say I am a complete 'daddy's girl' - and that I have him right in the palm of my hand. Which I think is accurately true. But you would also know that we're listed as the 'terrible two,' always out to play the perfect joke and quick to throw in a (hilarious) sarcastic comment in any conversation. I'm my dad made over, which is why we have the amazing father-daughter relationship that we do today.

He's taught me a lot about life and how to have faith, confidence, and positivity in myself. He challenges me to be a better me, to always search for ways of improvement in my life and the way I treat others. Some things that he has taught me through out our years together has been:

  • To always stay curious in life and to never stop asking questions.
  • That keeping your word is one of the most important things to do.
  • Always lend a helping hand. Always. Regardless of how little time you have in your day, or anything else.
  • To look at the world with different eyes than everyone else.
  • Take responsibility for my choices and actions.
  • How to change a flat, fix my oil, and cook a seriously good grilled cheese.
  • That each person deserves at least one second chance in life.
  • To arrive early wherever you're going - it shows you care.
  • To recognize a mistake as a mistake, and then build on it.
  • Prepare to work hard in life for what you want; to believe in myself, my talents, and my dreams.

I'm thankful each and every day to be able to call him my dad. He raised me to have a strong faith in God, belief in myself, and mindset to accomplish anything; traits that I'll carry with me for the rest of my life. And I love him endlessly for that.

I love you daddy - Happy Father's Day.

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