Friday, June 7, 2013

Caleigh Darragh: Interview Feature

"I don't know why I got so lucky. I have to pinch myself often and say, 'Is this just a dream?' "
-Heidi Klum

Endless apologies to all of my faithful readers, since I've arrived in Germany it's been endless lunch dates, reunions with old friends, and simply enjoying such a blessed vacation. Monday morning I'll be sharing a picture update of what all I've been up to the past week! For now, enjoy an interview feature of Caleigh Darragh - a lovely friend, model, and writer of Innominate Girl:

AP: What was it that ultimately drew you into modeling? Was it an easy start?

CD: Growing up, I had always fantasized about becoming a model. My parents tell me that I loved having my picture taken, and my childhood photos prove that. In high school, I went to a local agency and took classes, but it wasn't until my agent Ginny Maxwell scouted me on that the ball really started rolling. From that point on, my career has taken off really quickly. I was scouted last February, traveled to Los Angeles that summer, then spent my fall and winter in Asia. A little over a year from the beginning, and I'm ready to take on the Big Apple.

AP: Was there a favorite job of yours that you've done?

CD: My favorite jobs have been when I am working with other models. I especially love shoots where they want everyone to act like a huge group of friends. Though it can be incredibly awkward to fake laugh with complete strangers, it really is one of the best way to make friends. When people say, "fake it 'til you make it," they aren't kidding. 

AP: And the most interesting one?

CD: The most interesting would have been my shoot for Milk x Magazine in Taiwan. For the shoot, they decided that I would look better without eyebrows. So, after a little bit of wax and concealer, poof, they were gone!

AP: Do you have any goals for your career as a model?

CD: I would love to land a Vogue US cover and walk for Chanel, but my main goal is just to give this career everything I have and milk it for all it's worth. I want to use modeling to see the world.

AP: Since you've started your travels you also picked up starting a blog - What made you want to document your life and interests?

CD: If anyone googles Innominate Girl, she's not a new concept by any means. Prior to modeling, I so desperately wanted to start a blog, but being at home and in high school really wasn't all that inspiring. Now that I'm traveling and have something to write about, I thought it'd be a perfect time to make my blogging dream a reality.

AP: Where do you find your inspirations for writing?

CD: Sometimes, ideas will just pop into my head; other times, I really have to scour the internet and magazines for them. Tumblr and Pinterest give me a lot of inspiration when I get really stuck. I'll look through my feed, and if something catches my eye, I'll write about it.

AP: Are there any differences you've noticed in the industry since you started versus the perception you had before?

CD: My first look into the industry was America's Next Top Model... as I write this, I am dying laughing. Modeling is a career, not a lifestyle. Beating down the competition to make it "to the top" doesn't work. You either have it, or you don't. Simple as that.

AP: Any big plans coming up for the fall or summer?

CD: I'm scheduled to leave in three days for NYC! Depending on how I do there, I may stay for fashion week or head back to Asia. In this industry, you have to go where you're wanted!

Thank you so much Caleigh! Be sure to follow Innominate Girl and her look into the fashion industry as she documents world wide!

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