Thursday, May 23, 2013

thelma and louise... sort of?

"I swear, 3 days ago neither one of us would've ever pulled a stunt like this, 
but if you'd ever meet my husband you'd understand why."
-Thelma [with her gun to the state trooper's head]

Last Friday I wrote about mine and Georgia's vintage bridal shoot in Surrey, London. After we arrived, the photographer told us he was going to be channeling a sort of 'Thelma and Louise' type character for us both. In mindset, it sounded interesting, but after receiving the pictures it was far, far from interesting. It was actually a bit weird. To us, we think we more look like a lesbian couple. Which is so very awkward.

The day was actually fun for us both though, because we've developed a close friendship after sharing a room together the last two or so months so that makes shooting together silly and enjoyable. Plus, the pictures we had done separately will end up being lovely beauty additions to our book.

The photographer for the day was Ianni Dimitrov, with Sam Parker for make up. The team was brilliant, one I would definitely enjoy working for again. Except maybe this time with two grooms along side!

image: all images copyrighted by Ianni Dimitrov photography.


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