Tuesday, May 28, 2013


"A tourist goes to see something, a traveler sees it along the way."

Bonjour! Just popping in for a quick update - As you can see, I've officially finished my contract in London and have moved on to Paris! At least for the week. I'm ultimately here to see agencies and (hopefully) sign with one, but I also have a fashion show to do tomorrow! I did just find out only a little bit ago that I'm actually first in the show - and guess who was the only model to miss rehearsal because she was on a train between countries? Oh yeah, me. Good thing it's not my first rodeo.

I'll have an update for everyone tomorrow on the last few days I spent in London - full of tourism, graffiti adventures, and last minute run around things I did with Georgia! Until then, au revoir!


  1. Best of luck with the show sweetie - London will miss you, I hope to shoot with you again someday soon xx

    1. Thank you so much love! I'll let you know if I'm ever back in London! Xx


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