Tuesday, April 30, 2013

tribes - dancehall

She's a gypsy queen, real tall and mean
She's an airplane, no one's ever seen
She's a firecracker, real dancehall master
She's a hurricane when you walk right past her
-Dancehall, beginning lyrics

The other night I was having a truly awful time falling asleep, so I was wasting minutes and hours trying to tire myself even just a tiny bit. Turns out, it was somewhat good that I was up and online, because I reminded myself to look up a music video I did a few weeks back for the band, Tribes. Which had surprisingly just been released a day or two earlier!

You can watch the video and attempt to find me in the mass of girls through-out it. If you do spot me, then you have a good-eye, but if all you see is my face near-ish to the beginning then that is quite fine too.

Tribes is an English band, who's lead singer Johnny Lloyd, has a voice that leaves you almost floating, wanting to lie in the sun and listen for ages. 'Dancehall' is their first single release to their new album that will drop in May.

video: Tribes - Dancehall, music video (via. Fiasco Plus).

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