Friday, April 5, 2013

the calm before the storm

"Be brave enough to start conversations that matter."
-Margaret Wheatley

Even though I was pretty occupied all day with school work, castings, and cooking up a super yummy quesadilla, I'm officially calling today the 'calm before the storm.' My casting for the day was in the agency - which I live in the same apartment complex as - so I didn't have to go far. And everything else clearly didn't require much effort. Tomorrow though, I'm busy with shooting a new music video for Tribes (an English band) all day and then Sunday I'm booked for a make-up presentation job, followed by the regular work week grind on Monday! Oh, how lovely. I could never complain about any blessing though, so I'm incredibly thankful for the busy schedule.

Now, I'm working on getting everything ready for my early start in the morning so here are the ever anticipated Friday link loves from around the web:

'Ogooglebar' - & other Swedish words that should be incorporated into the English language.

The 25 Least Visited Countries in the World.

Not exactly what you'd expect - Zoo Portraits.

The Official Tumblr for Dolly Parton **crying**

What a few extremely successful people were doing in their 20's.

Retouching the Classics - horribly, thanks to society.

One of my favorite instagrams for inspiration.

image: an 'a' I found in the window of a city building while walking through the streets of London.

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