Thursday, April 4, 2013

realizations and exhaustions

"Every so often, there's a subtle yet haunting moment during some given day where the universe enthralls itself into you, around you, and immerses its entire being into your day. You can never plan for when the feeling will come or for how long it might stay. It suddenly captivates you and in silent motions gives you a glimpse of how mysterious, mystical, and ultimately mesmerizing it truly is."
-Ashton Parks

I'm beginning to learn not to trust any weather advice other than the one coming from my gut. This morning I checked two different sites both claiming little to no showers in the morning followed by clouded skies the rest of the afternoon - that didn't happen in the slightest. Try something more along the lines of uninterrupted snowfall from morning till late afternoon. Not that I'm complaining  it just might have been nice to be slightly more prepared. But to wander through the streets of London, East to West, it was almost as if I was experiencing another world - one where time or errands hardly mattered, where there only thing on your mind is the shiver of a cold chill mixed in with the sudden realization of just how in depth the universe is with each person's life and even more how society hardly thinks to give it the time of day.

Aside from falling madly in love with the universe today, I'm borderline falling into physical exhaustion from constant castings and errands. I could never be thankful enough for such a busy work schedule, but the weekend is officially welcomed any minute now. I could do for an afternoon to myself to finish up a few things I've needed to get done. Of course, as I talk about how much there is to do, you can laugh and ignore me since I'm spending my evening blogging and downloading new music to listen to - hardly anything that I truly should be working on. But it's all I really want to do. Plus, there's always tomorrow - where my only plans are my casting in the early afternoon and then spending the rest of my day getting lost reading my book and writing in my journal.

image: myself, in the podolls a/w 2013 collection.

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