Monday, April 29, 2013

borough market

"I wandered everywhere, through cities and countries wide. 
And everywhere I went, the world was on my side."
-Roman Payne

Bright and early Saturday morning, Tessa and I set off to find a famous London food market - along the way though we discovered Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, a street covered in floating umbrellas, and a 'gang' of 12 year old's on scooters. Shakespeare's Globe was a nice surprise, as was the quirky street, but the gang that seemingly attacked me was not in any way. We were just strolling along through the streets when out of no where ten or so of these little kids (all on scooters - hence being named the 'Scooter Gang') came straight towards us, slurring their English accents and yelling out some pretty harsh words. The whole situation took me by surprise, and all I could do was laugh while Tessa stood by snapping pictures for instagram. Quite sure that made her day.

Borough Market was our original plan though - and it was beyond worth it. If you ever have a free Saturday morning, you have to be sure to pop over! There are endless booths and bakeries filled with homemade treats, breads, cheeses, meat, beer and so much more! Some of the locals go a traditional route, selling home-made, all natural, organics, while others take it up a few levels by offering some of the most incredible roasted lamb or kangaroo sandwiches, international delights, or even one trader we saw who was selling Hanfmutschli (Hemp Cheese).

You can lose yourself for hours in the market sampling all the different variations of food or enjoy the bright sun on your back as you dine and look out across the River Thames. If you do happen to take a morning trip over, I strongly recommend the Chai Tea sold by an adorably, enthusiastic Indian man near the back end of the market.

image: a street covered with floating umbrellas; the front of Borough Market; cute mushrooms for sale; a massive stir fry of Bomba Paella; a close up image of the stir fry.

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