Tuesday, April 9, 2013

birthday shenanigans

"Most of us can remember a time when a birthday - especially if it was one's own- brightened the world as if a second sun has risen."
-Robert Staughton Lynd

Today we celebrated Georgia's 21st birthday! In the morning, I surprised her after breakfast with the cutest white cupcake with sprinkles that I picked up from a small bakery on my way home yesterday. She was not expecting that in the least - and before we had even changed out of our pajamas she proclaimed, "You by far made my day!" Though I'm not too sure how much that held up as the day went on. We separated a bit while Aga and I left for our castings and Geo left for hers, with plans to meet up in the afternoon to carry on with the day's celebrations.

Our original plans were to head to a small, family-owned cafe close to our apartment, but our day became slightly busier and that ended up falling through. Instead, we hopped over to our nearest shop and bought an array of tapas (olives, sun-dried tomatoes  artichoke's heart, and gherkins - or pickles to anyone who isn't a. insane b. australian or c. british). After we trekked home with our goodies, I knew there was a second surprise of the day in store for Geo so I led her upstairs to the agency where they had a lovely cake waiting with the always awkward 'happy birthday' song. I'm pretty sure that's what made her day.

Now, after an evening of laughter and chatter, selfie photo shoots and endless food, I'm finishing it all up boringly with some school work I've been putting off for far too long. I'm working now for the next two days so there's going to be a lot going on until the end of the week!

image: a picture collage of our afternoon celebrating; the super cute mini cake from the Leni's team.

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