Monday, March 25, 2013

the never-ending lazy day

"Ambition is a poor excuse for not having sense enough to be lazy."
-Milan Kundera

Let's be real - lazy days are usually pretty acceptable. Everyone needs a day of nothing. But three in a row... my life is almost a joke. And even more so now that I finished every episode of Breaking Bad and am having to wait till the summer for the series finale.

I think I get a pass for the 'off ' days though, because for two days I was so sick I couldn't even sit up in bed. For no apparent reason. At least those two days were the weekend, and then my Monday wasn't so awful because I simply had nothing on my schedule from my agency.

I was pretty bummed about being so sick though, because my agency planned a shoot for Georgia and I to have together which had a theme of 'statues in moving London'. We pieced that together with some other tiny bits of information we had and figured out that we were going to be dressed as and portraying statues while the London city scene moved behind us. We couldn't decide if we hated or loved the idea, so now we'll have to wait till later in the week to figure that out for ourselves.

A little later tonight though, Geo and I are planning on having dinner at a Japanese sushi restaurant that recently opened a few streets down from us. And then hopefully tomorrow our day will be jam-packed with castings to keep up busy, busy, busy!

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