Friday, March 8, 2013

the doozy week

"Always do what you are afraid to do."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Ultimate Doozy Week. That's what this has been for me. Putting aside coming home, adjusting to time change, and preparing to leave for 7 months just one week after, I've also had to finish/jump ahead in school for the next few weeks, clean the house (with my dad) for my step-mom for when she came in Thursday, and even deal with TWO doctor visits because my life is just that cool.

I did get around to some fun things though - like being The Ultimate Nerd and finding seven new books I've been wanting to read and buying them all.. ignoring the fact that I was leaving two days later too. I also started planning my future cafe that I'll open up (somewhere). There was a mess up between gluten-free and bread flours when I attempted to make these cranberry and white chocolate chip cookies - so while they didn't bake very well, the raw cookie dough was basically heavenly. Heavenly enough that I ate half the batter.

Now it's Friday morning and I'm typing this just before I set off on a hike in the Smokies with one of my best friends, Kendra. Then my evening/weekend is filled with good-bye dinners/lunches and endless packing and repacking. You'd think I'd be a master at that part now, but it seems to become worse and worse after each trip. And hopefully - I'll be able to start/finish one of my newest books! We'll see. For now, here's some fun Friday links from around the web..

Would this be your nightmare trip, or your favorite vacation?

Models & their mothers.

If you're a city cyclist.

Grilled Peaches - except the recipe is in a foreign language, help anyone!

Grilled cheese with Gouda, roasted mushrooms, and onions.

Natalia Vodianova - (supermodel) ran a marathon with no training the same day as closing Givenchy.

33 ways you know you were a youth group kid.

image: found on tumblr - because a pizza shaped like a cat should be on every blog.

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