Monday, March 18, 2013

proper quirky

"The trouble is, you think you have time."

Initially, I thought my Sunday was ruined. I had massive plans for not leaving my bed once during the entire day - aside from raiding the fridge for food - and catching up on my favorite shows/reading a bit. My agency had different plans for me though, because I was set up for a shoot with my room mate, Aga, for the day. And without a doubt, the day went so much better than my first plans of simply wasting the time away.

We shot with british photographer, Emy Lou Harris, and her team (MUA: Diana Espir HAIR: Emmanuel Esteban STYLIST: Lucy Heather) doing a fun collaboration of shadow/beauty shots mixed in with fun, quirky 90's-ish themed shots. Just going through the rough edits, I can tell the pictures are going to be phenomenal.

It's early Monday morning here now, and I have a busy schedule of castings for the day. Plus, if time allows, I might get to meet up with my old room mate from Hong Kong while she's in town for the day! Which would be a lovely little reunion.

Below though, are some fun behind the scene pictures I snapped for Aga throughout our day.

image: the definition of quirky - yet cool as; emmanuel doing aga's hair for a shot during the day; aga working everything she has during the shoot.

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