Friday, March 29, 2013


"They seemed to be charmed by my southern accent."
-Cleo Moore

Sometimes it's a pain to be right. The whole 'Statues in London' shoot guess was (in essence) totally correct. The only difference of how I imagined it being blocky schemes and frozen images was that it was shot more monochromatic mixed with a few architectural scenes around London streets and Underground rail systems. Oh, and the fact that our eyebrows became non-existent for the day. We were borderline alien resemblance after the make up artist whitened our key facial features out - but so goes the sacrifice for high fashion. Based on the raw pictures we saw through the photographers lens, it's going to be massively insane. And there won't be a long wait till we get to see the finished product since it's going into printing on Sunday!

You can get a little bit of a feel of how the shoot went based on the few behind the scenes snaps that were taken. We did get to see the Platform 9 3/4 today, but the only time we saw it was when we were wandering around shooting and at the end of the day I was so exhausted and cold I had totally forgotten to go back and see it! No worries though, I only live a station away from it so I can pop over any free afternoon that I have this week.

We did have a hilarious conversation about the fun differences in pronunciations of words between an American, an Australian, and the British. I wish I had had a way to record my pronouncings versus Georgia's and everyone's, but if you know even a bit about the accents you can imagine how funny it can get. If you're American and find yourself chatting with either nationality (or vice versa)  please don't forget to ask them how they say the word 'zebra,' 'albino,' or 'aluminum.'

Now it's officially the weekend, and I celebrated accordingly with veggie curry for dinner and starting the film Hungry For Change - which I recommend everyone to watch! Even if you do or don't, enjoy some interesting link loves I've found around the web this week...

The mind blowing photos of a tunnel being built underneath New York City.

Crowded newsstands of the world.

This mom bought her two year old a $6.5 million dollar condo - really?

I always thought this would be a daily predicament.

The farming system of the future?

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An inspiring story of twins separated at birth.

image: a behind the scenes from shooting up and down the escalators some today - you can't even imagine how many weird looks were thrown our way.

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