Thursday, March 14, 2013

march fourteenth - pie day

"Happy Pie Day to someone who thinks they're smart because they know it's Pi day."
-Math Teachers Around The World

Happy International Pie Day to all! I hope you celebrated this scrumptious day accordingly. If you're not too sure what pie day might be, here's the gist: March 14 written out is 3.14 which when turned backwards spells PIE (see above photo for reference). Accordingly, everyone goes out and has massive loads of pie on the day to celebrate! Isn't it joyous? I remember my very first 'Pie Day' in high school - with Mr. Firebaugh - He had each student bring in a pie of his/her choice and basically we spent the day trying one another's pies and celebrating. Quite possibly one of my favorite days in school. Ever.

Since I rightfully forgot it was 'Pie Day' till about mid-afternoon today, I didn't do too much celebrating. The morning was spent with my Aussie roomie, Georgia. We were off busy with castings all morning, with plans to explore London some after we were finished, but she was called to do a late test shoot because one girl couldn't make it in time. I came home to drop somethings off before going out to explore on my own around the city and was majorly side tracked between discovering it was'Pie Day' and googling where the best pie shops in London might be. And now I'm off again - Enjoy some yummy pies as you celebrate today!

p.s. out of curiosity - how many digits of pi do you have memorized? just the three? more? let me know!

p.p.s. march fourteenth is also albert einstein's birthday!

(so much nerd in so little post...)

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