Friday, March 1, 2013

a day in the life

"The most beautiful makeup for a woman is passion.
But cosmetics are easier to buy."
-Yves Saint Laurent

Straight up, today will not be an easy day for me. It will most likely end up feeling like three days packed into one when it's finished. I'm up early now to go ahead and start doing it too - I'm not a fan of putting off things and feeling rushed at the end (except sometimes).

It's a little after six-thirty in the morning here - I was up at six - and I've already had breakfast and started accomplishing my first few tasks. I have a shoot scheduled this morning for around 10:00, but until then I have the joy of: starting/finishing packing, watching some school lectures, starting/finishing an exam. Then it's a typical day - hair, make-up, style, shoot, end. I'll have to dash home to remove all of the photo shoots GUNK off of myself (i.e. make-up, all the hair damage) and get ready for my last dinner in San Francisco with Paula tonight. I'm hoping to have a bit to walk around some of my favorite streets one last time, but then after it's straight back to my apartment to pick up my things and meet my driver to the airport. 

I'll be taking my first red-eye tonight - and I've heard mixed feelings about doing so, but almost everyone who has taken one simply says, 'just pop a (sleeping) pill and fly.' Will do. If all goes well with the storms up North then I'll be in Tennessee by mid-afternoon on Saturday! Then the whole past day will have been worth it when I'm celebrating being home on a late date with my valentine. 

I haven't had a chance to post about my last few days in San Francisco, but I will have that up as a post along with how today goes in a day or two - for now, here are some interesting links I've found around the web this week..

I'm in love with this interesting take for a wall calendar.

What models really make during NYFW.

Birthday Cake Popcorn - for those who just don't enjoy cake.

How could anyone say 'NO' to wearing Marc Jacobs?

If you own a puppy, you have no excuse not to buy this for him/her.

Would you walk across the Hoover Dam Skywalk?

image: a posted bill down at Fisherman's Wharf.

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