Thursday, February 7, 2013

west coast living

I know A LOT of people will be excited to finally read this post - about where I'll be travelling to next and in the rest of the year!

Most people are asked more than anything, "How are you?" but for me it seems I'm asked more than anything, "Do you know when you're leaving again and where you're going?!" Which I love. I could never express how blessed I am to have so many people supporting me across the globe in my travels and adventures - which is why I always wish I could tell them what I have planned - thankfully though, the time has finally come where I can!

Bright and early Tuesday morning, I'll be off to live out West for a bit in beautiful San Francisco! I signed with an agency there last week to start doing direct bookings, but first I need to go out and meet clients so they'll know my name and face. There will also be a few shows going on while I'm there too! On the 5th of March I'll head back to Tennessee for just about a week and then I'll be off on my BIG adventures for the year. I know everyone will hate this next part, but I'm waiting until I have a booked flight and a contract under my arms until I reveal where the first stop will be. The best I can tell you though is that I'll be traveling around Europe till about the end of fall - so start your guesses and be ready for an adventure!

image: a reminder I keep close to heart // found on tumblr.

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