Thursday, February 14, 2013

my view of the golden gate

It's been a very adventurous past few days for me! I left Tuesday morning for San Francisco - where I'll be from now until March the 5th - and haven't seemed to stop much since. After I arrived at the airport I headed straight to drop my bags off at my new "home" and then set off for my agency. (With the reliable help of Google Maps, I was able to walk through the city and find it easily.) I met everyone in the offices and did the normal digital snaps upon arriving and then was free to go crash and sleep off the jet lag.

Wednesday was an exciting day though - I was up bright and early to attend to some business work I needed done - and then in the afternoon I met up with Paula (who lives in San Francisco - !! - for those who didn't know). After hugs and green juices to start us off, we were off seeing some of the go-to coffee shops and stores that she loves. We strolled up and down Fillmore street, into second hand stores, book shops, and organic shops galore until we set off to see the Golden Gate Bridge! Touristy, trap, whatever you might think, it was something that's been on my list to see for a long while now! And it still is. Because when we arrived the bridge was quite literally COMPLETELY covered by fog. Com. Plet. Ely. For myself, I can say I saw about 10 feet of the base of it, plus a smidge of the top - but in reality I'll have to come back sometime during my stay, because it did not fill the hole I saved up for it in my mind. (You can see my attempted picture below - it's the one of the beach, fog, and sky.)

We toured around a bit more and visited different neighborhoods, rode up and down the bus lines, and made a bit of a last stop on Union. I have an ever-growing list of places to return and check out because we were doing a fast sweep of the city - but we did have the chance to stop into Juice Shop. Which is the smallest hole in he wall I have ever seen (and remember I've been to China) filled with purely organic juices and elixirs. It was a bit impossible to pick only one juice to try first, but that only means I'll have to stop back by this weekend for another!

After only a day and a half of being in the city I can already tell how attached I'll be at the end and how hard it will probably be for me to have to leave - but if it's in His plans I'll be back one day again, and maybe for a  bit longer stay too.

image: the view sitting at my desk looking out to San Francisco's downtown from my apartment; the Golden Gate Bridge... I swear; Juice Shop's sign; My first juice from Juice Shop - beta beet.

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