Monday, February 18, 2013

golden gate - take two

The next big thing I can officially cross off my "list" - walk across the Golden Gate Bridge! Actually, I can cross it off twice, because once you walk down one side you inevitably have to head back down the other.

Sunday was a massive day of adventures for me - it was about 65, sunny, and a cloudless sky - which just called for a day of trapezing about the city in search of nothing and everything at once. My first stop was the Golden Gate, which I think took longer to cross than it did to get to (that also might have been because I was taking so many pictures too). If you've never seen the Golden Gate it's truly just as massive as it seems in the pictures. For me, it was insane to conjure up the possibility that it could withhold all the people, plus the endless cars that were moving back and forth across it every second - even without the age factor added in.

After I had had enough of the wind and sites, I took a detour and walked along Baker Beach on the South Bay. True to San Francisco nature, almost everyone in the city was out enjoying the day with their families and pets - but something everyone also had in common was the fact that we were all still bundled up in pants and long sleeves. The wind truly stops for nothing here.

South Bay lead me straight to the VA Medical Hospital - where the lovely Paula works! I stopped in for a little chat and was shown the grand tour of the hospital with a few introductions to some fun friends - I couldn't take up too much time though, so I left after a bit to take in a view of the Pacific Ocean next to the Cliff House and Seal Rocks. I could have easily stood amazed at the wondrous work of God all day - and I did for the most part - but soon it was time to head home. After all, I had been taking in the sites for nearly six hours at this point so some warm food and my cozy bed was definitely calling my name.

image: a quirky view of the golden gate; partially down the bridge and looking out a bit; my walk along the trails to the bridge.

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