Friday, January 18, 2013


If you live anywhere near me in the south, you're probably doing the exact same thing I am this morning and watching the last of the Thunder-snow "blizzard" melt away from the night. (Thunder-snow is such an awesome word.) If you're not from the South then you're probably laughing at us all down here this morning in your own little world - because we never get snow. And when they called for 3 inches yesterday afternoon Wal-Mart was fresh out of milk and bread by noon. (Not saying I went there for it though - I went for mangos and green tea...)

Truthfully, I admit, I didn't think the snow was going to be that big of a deal after all was said and done. But after only about 40 minutes of it coming down the entire city seemed to be covered. Which was surreal. I was out with my dad buying some things around Bearden when the best idea popped into his head - why aren't we already out sledding in this? It was a little less than an hour till dusk fell, and businesses were closing left and right, but we got into gear mode and set out to find two sleds in the mess of traffic, snow, and thunder.

We gave a call to Mayo's Garden close to downtown to confirm they had sleds for sale and that they were still open, till we realized we were closer to a Mayo's out west. It would make sense for the two stores to have the same hours and availability, but apparently that's not the case. We pulled into Mayo's with not one light on in the house. Devastation set in. We had such a grand master plan that was falling through with one misunderstanding. What made it worse was the fact there were probably 30 or 40 snow sleds sitting outside, not even locked up by a chain or gate. It came close to us deciding to simply take the sleds and leave money taped to the door, but first thought we should call the Mayo's downtown (since I only had their number) to ask if anyone could possibly be left inside.

There was. One lone guy, finishing up counting the registers to lock up. Once the girl explained our situation he unlocked the doors and let us in to buy our toys. Complete with our sleds, my dad gave us nicknames to match. Him, Blue Lightening, and mine, The Green Flash.

We rushed home in the fastest way possible - which was still a 5 minute drive turned into 20 because of traffic - and put our snow clothes on and set off for the biggest hill in West Knoxville. There weren't many people joining in on the fun with us, maybe three or four other families or friends, but for us it was a blast. We reeled in the moments of slipping and sliding down so fast we thought we might crash into the gate below. We were kids again, enjoying the first and maybe last snow fall of the season - complete with a snowball war as the cherry on top.

image: the tree in our front yard covered with snow - with our cute neightbor building a snowman in the corner; blue lightening aka my dad; green flash aka myself.

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