Sunday, January 13, 2013


I'm finally back from what seemed like my one month stay in L.A. ! In reality though, it was simply five insanely long days of meetings and shows. The week wasn't all work and no play though - I stayed with an adorable mom and daughter duo from Wisconsin, Bridget and Jada, and we spent the (minimal) free time we had each day exploring around our hotel and even attempting L.A. public transportation to take us to see the Hollywood sign and Hollywood Blvd.

One of my favorite moments of the week, was being reunited with my Tokyo summer room mate, Alexis! After a massive hug and loud scream or two in the hotel lobby, we went off for dinner together to chat endlessly about our lives and catch up on things that have happened since we'd last seen each other. Which was cute and fun.

Since I spent the week meeting with agencies and directors from across the states and Europe, I should know soon what will be lined up in the near future traveling wise. But for this week, I'm settled back in Tennessee enjoying life at home before I jet off on another adventure.

image: a view looking up at my hotel from the street; looking out from my hotel room onto L.A.; a peek of the make up for the Michael Maddox fashion show; Jada and I in our fancy outfits; my friend Maggie and I on the "red carpet" together; a glimpse of the Earth's beauty from my plane to Dallas.

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