Friday, December 14, 2012


Bright and early Monday morning I had the wonderful chance to be able and fly up to Madison, WI for the better part of the week to meet with my mother agency. They (The Rock Agency) are based in Madison so flying up was good since I was able to meet all of my agents face to face finally and get to know them all a bit better.
The first part of the trip was pretty basic for a model, I met everyone and then spent the first two days shooting with different photographers in Madison - you can never have too many updated pictures. The first, shot by Jae Feinberg, will be pretty insane with it's rock and roll theme and the second, shot by John Driscoll, should be fun pictures to update with in my book.
Wednesday night was probably my favorite night though, because Raquel, my agent, took me around downtown Madison showing me the capital building and shopping in cute local stores. Then we headed out for a typical Wisconsin meal made up of cheese curds (bite size deep fried cheese.. yeah she's a pretty fun agent to have!), burgers, and vanilla custard ice cream! Afterwards we had to escape the cold - the cold with our ice cream - and so we headed back to the house to watch a movie before bed.
By the time it came to leave for the airport Thursday I was a bit sad to have to go, the time slipped away a lot faster than I imagined.. but it was an enjoyable little time I was able to spend up North and hopefully I'll be able to come back again some day! Preferably in the summer though, my little southern body was not designed for such extreme cold.

image: a view of Madison's capital building - which is an exact replica of the one in D.C. but a measly six inches shorter; inside the capital building their massive Christmas tree; The Onion a fake newspaper just for fun; one of Raquel's cats, Booker; a book by the fire late at night; the capital at night; two of my favorite artists coming to preform in Madison, but also a view of the downtown street; boarding pass, Chicago lit up at night.

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