Tuesday, December 4, 2012

early celebrations

No one wished me HAPPY BIRTHDAY today, which isn't surprising really, since it isn't my birthday ...

But in reality I had more birthday wishes today than I did all year! And the day itself is still five days away!

I had a lovely day of early celebrations - first spent with two of my grandparents at one of my favorite cafes downtown on Market Square where I received the absolute cutest bucket hat as a present. I'm more than excited to start wearing it. Everywhere. The day ended amusingly as I went to our country club with my mom's side of the family for dinner and Tuesday Night Bingo! My step-dad ended up winning a round, but I won out on some delicious chocolate chip cookie dough pie made specially by the chef (I drool thinking about it still) ! I'm more than happy of being able to spend my birthday in town with my family, but the time is already slipping away much faster than I imagined it too.

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