Sunday, September 2, 2012

tokyo adventure

This past Saturday I went on a mini Tokyo adventure with two friends, Daniel & Fergal. We were shooting a project together that the two had been working on for quite some time. The storyline was a mysterious, sexy feel of black & white photos of Fergal & myself discovering Tokyo and falling in love during the process. The theme was ultimately based off of Fitzgerald and a few inspirations from a Paris magazine. In all, the day was flawless. We ran around the city looking for quiet, quirky cafes and buildings. We found inspirations through children running down a sidewalk and rain puddles casting shadows of buildings with the sullen grey sky as a backdrop. It was an incredible experience to work with the two, and the pictures I can tell will be indescribably amazing when they're ready. Sadly though, that won't be for a bit since Daniel is moving back to his home in Germany these next few weeks ... at least for now I have some of my behind the scenes photographs I snapped when the chance came.

image: ebisu station in the rain; the bottom half of fergal and daniel while waiting for the rain to pass through; lunch from a french cafe; daniel and fergal going against police wishes by going down to shoot in the underpass; a view of the sky from the ground; daniel changing lenses next to an interesting building; an over load of drink machine choices with one insane photographer and one thirsty model; stickers on a sign hanging over a bridge.

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