Saturday, September 8, 2012

three food groups

I'm entirely healthy in what I choose to eat and drink daily, but just now I started thinking a bit more about what types of foods I truly love. So, I figured out my three food groups:

1. Breakfast Foods - I am perfectly happy having oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, a little something for lunch, and cereal for dinner. Amazingly, breakfast is appetizing at any time of day, and in my eyes should be eaten more often because of that too.

2. Sweets - This is just a given for any person on the planet. And if you disagree you should be on the next shuttle to Mars.

3. French Fries - I don't eat them THAT often, but I am constantly craving them. Constantly.

That's my diet in a nutshell if I hadn't of chosen the fabulous life of modeling for my first full time career. So instead I get lovely heapings of fruits and vegetables through out my day. Joy. butsecretlyilovevegetables.

It's been a pretty basic week here on the Tokyo front though. I have a few friends who are planning a trip to Japan in a week or two and made plans to have a lunch date or two with them, and also I'm SO incredibly excited about the fact my step-mom, Paula, is taking a few days off work to come over and explore Tokyo and see my life first hand! You can't imagine how excited I am to see someone I love from back home, but I'm even more excited about the fact that I'll be back just shortly after she leaves too!

image: from Freshness Burger shop, my vegetable bean burger (vegetarian) that was oh so good today.

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