Saturday, September 22, 2012

in my name

What could possibly be the single greatest piece of information I've learned over the past few days? Hearing I officially have a plane ticket in my name for good 'ol Knoxville, Tennessee! Yes yes, in a little over one month I'll be back in my favorite little town and I could not be more excited. Until then though, I'm keeping up with the usuals in life. I have two new courses starting up next week for school (with my added two) and work seems to be going pretty steady for me here which is wonderful.

This weekend I'm headed to an Indian Festival - Festivals are quite common in Tokyo, I think one might happen every week or two actually. I'm quite excited to go and experience an Indian one though, it's one culture that's always fascinated me that I haven't had the chance to fully experience yet.

Till then, here's some snaps of my life this week:

image: an 'A' candle (presumably for Ashton); coffee break during castings one afternoon; Naivasha being Naivasha; after dinner chats with my loves Keita & Tamara.

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