Thursday, September 13, 2012

goodbyes with a side of curry

It's practically an unspoken rule in my agency, that when a girl is leaving we all go out for a dinner with her to wish her off and say our goodbyes. Next week, Naivasha, a young girl in my agency from Hawaii, is headed back home after spending a little over two months here. So last night, Sheena and I took her out for her goodbye dinner to her absolute favorite thing to eat in Japan - Curry. Where we went was a little off the beaten path, but it was entirely worth it because the tiny shop had such a cool vibe all of it's own - something like a hawaiian chill, ironic right? The curry was even better though, because the shop is famous for taking two weeks to entirely make their curry; they make everything handmade and that makes the shop entirely better than anywhere else I've been before. 

The past few days I've held a terrible balance of work, school, and sleep. Mostly, I've been working morning till late evening, coming home to do school till quite too early in the morning, and then getting just enough shut eye to make it through the next day. No complaints though, I'm happy to be so busy because it means I'm accomplishing things in my life.

image: Sheena & I at dinner; a chotto (little) silly picture with Naivasha; a view of the restaurant; my dorky self being a typical american with chopsticks.

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