Monday, September 10, 2012

early mornings

I've always noticed that if I push myself to wake up earlier in the mornings, my days tend to turn out immensely better. Something about have those few extra hours to relax and enjoy the morning calmness and think about what all I should do during the day, it's just picturesque perfect. The not so wonderful part though is that I'm a typical insomniac, not being able to fall asleep till close to three every night. So usually I have to pick, sleep or stress free morning...six times out of ten stress free mornings win out.

This morning I didn't have a huge choice on sleep or relaxing, because I had a job that started bright and early at 9:30 - which meant I had the tedious task of waking up at 8 a.m. Difficult life, huh? The job was amazing because it was incredibly simple. It was a TV commercial for a Japanese Network, I had three simple cuts where I just had to stand against the green screen and "act normal". Easy. Then I had two additional cuts where they only filmed my feet, because the commercial was selling the shoes. The job of course went pretty fast and I was done before lunch even rolled around. So I took the mid-morning to do a little around town for myself and then went to castings for the rest of the afternoon and evening. At least I have tomorrow morning to relax, because tonight I have two lectures to listen to for school and a criminal minds episode to watch.

image: having my hair done during one of the outfit changes this morning.

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