Monday, September 24, 2012

birthday weekend

The weekend had a bit of annoyance to it, because it was raining basically 24/7. It's never ending - still going on three days later as I type this (Monday night here on the far east). But that didn't stop me and my fellow agency loves from going out and celebrating one of our own girls' birthday! My friend Tamara, who I met in Osaka last year, had a birthday Sunday so we spent the whole weekend buying presents, having agency dinners to celebrate, and a party or two thrown in. I think it's safe to say she loved the whole time.

Now thought, the work week has arrived along with school for moi...I'm extremely excited because I have a few books lined up to read in the next few weeks that I've been waiting oh so long to bury my head into. Hopefully I didn't set up too much expectations for them mentally. Hope everyone's week is just as fun as my weekend was though!

image: a polariod taken from one of Tamara's birthday celebrations; eating some good 'ol birthday cake...shhh don't tell my agency ; )

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