Sunday, August 19, 2012

undercover detective

I'm quite the "average" girl. I like tea. Reading books. Writing out my thoughts in my numerous journals. And also solving FBI cases in my spare time. In a way. Recently, I've become extremely addicted to the show Criminal Minds. Which if you know me, is not something I'd usually be keen to watching considering I faint at simply the thought of having blood drawn, but I've completely fallen in love with this show. I'm fascinated by the thoughts of trying to figure out murders and crime scenes before time runs out and another fresh scene is on their hands. And of course I know the show is terribly unrealistic, but I'm not even bothered a bit by the fact. However, when I'm not saving unrealistic character's lives I'm doing a bit of what you'll see below - my recent days in Tokyo.

image: a polaroid of myself (taken by my booker) in Ginza, Tokyo; a curry lunch; Alexis shopping in a Japanese pharmacy; myself waiting on the train.

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