Saturday, July 21, 2012

pit stop in hong kong

Hello again my lovely Hong Kong! This week I traded countries, moving from Hangzhou, China to Hong Kong. I'm back in my adorable little apartment located in the SoHo of HK - Sheung Wan. Originally it was going to be a short three day trip, my visa had expired for China and I needed to make a new one for Japan - my next contract. BUT. There were an awful amount of set backs and now I'll be here for almost one week total. I arrived on Wednesday though, so my time is sadly almost up. I've been calling it my vacation though, because for the first time in months I don't have a care in the world. I have absolutely no where to be. No castings, no jobs, just time to enjoy the sunshine and refresh my body and mind before I tackle another three month contract. So here's to my next few days of reading in cafes, enjoying the beaches, and shopping for things I honestly don't need.

image: my view flying into hong kong - i can honestly see my house from there!

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