Saturday, July 14, 2012

one year of travels

When I was planning for my first contract I never imagined I would travel as far and long as I have been for the past year. I first thought it was going to be a summer adventure, to go out and see the world and experience what I could before school in the fall. Well clearly, that didn't happen. I was bit too hard by the travel bug, and now it's been officially one year since I took that first flight out of my small home town and dove head first into the world of glamour, magazines, and endless inspiration. And I can't imagine it ending anytime soon.

July 11th was truly my one year "anniversary" with traveling for modeling. On the day I was shooting an A/W collection for a designer in an adorable coffee shop, no better way to spend the day in my eyes. But while I was shooting, I started reminiscing on my favorite memories from the past year, thinking of the wonderful friends I've made I otherwise would have never known. It's almost surreal to think how my life has changed in the few short days of a year. I even started thinking about the things I've learned in my past year of travels...

1. You miss things from the past, but not enough to go back to them. When I took a step back and saw my life now versus what it was a year ago, there were a lot of things I wished I still had - people that hadn't let go so easily, the safety of childhood with adult life too far off to worry about...but I realized, I would much rather have what I have now than what I had before. There's a lot I miss from my "old" life, but there's too much more I love about my life now to do anything more than look back and smile.

2. Background stories are far more interesting than current ones. Probably it's just me and my silly little mind, but I'd much rather hear someone's life story than the one they're living now. I love their stories of trials and tribulations, their stories of old friends and the things they did together that makes them laugh harder than they've laughed in weeks. I fall in love with the stories of what shaped people into what they are today.

3.The more you see the less you know (To quote one of my favorite songs). If you've ever traveled in life you'll understand this easily. The more you see and understand about life, the more you realize it's impossible to understand it. It only makes it easier to fall in love with the alluring beauty of it.

4. Necessities are all you need in life. And I mean necessities in every sense of the word. You really only need a few different outfits to mix and match - as much fun as it is to have more. You only need the truest friends you have - because the rest is simply wasted time. You only need what makes you happy in life, what inspires you, and what makes you strive to be a better person. Anything more, is simply extra baggage that's keeping you from being all you can be.

image: my flight from seoul, south korea to paris, france earlier this year.

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  1. We miss you here, but it is wonderful that you can experience all this. Be safe! Did you notice that you are over 10,000 views? ;-)


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