Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hiking Mt.Huangshan

This past week I had an incredible job opprotunity to shoot Summit Glory's summer catalouge. What's even more incredible than that, is that the job was shot atop Mt. Huangshan, China. One of China's greatest mountain top views with culture dwelling in the farthest depths. While we were hiking up and around the never ending trails I almost felt like I was hiking my favorite Smokey Mountains back home, the only thing pulling me back to present day life was the fact that four photographers and filmers were following my every move and also the ocassional monkey we heard screaming from afar. (Oh of course China has thier highest mountains filled with monkies! Most of which I was afraid to glimpse, for fear what a wild monkey would do to a simple passerby...It's not something I was briefed on when I signed up for Modeling 101.)


  1. Smokey mountains? Are you from Tennessee?? :)

    1. I am! Born and raised there, but currently travelling about in Asia :)


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