Sunday, June 10, 2012

ashton times one million

I took off during the middle of this week for a four day trip to another city for China Leather Fashion Week. I was blessed with so many incredible things while I was on the trip, I would never have imagined half of them to happen. Especially not all in four short days.

What took me by surprise first was while we were making the drive to the city, it took some time to get there so naturally I fell asleep in the car for a bit. I woke up once along the way and just happened to glance up at a billboard while we were passing it. Studying the model (like a typical model) I thought about how much the girl looked like me and how I could have easily pulled off to be her, I figured it was just my sleepy mind messing with me and I fell back asleep. Well as we were arriving in the hotel, there was the same billboard right above where you enter the parking lot, and once I got a closer look I realized the picture was of me! I couldn't believe it, but once I fit the pieces together of how I remember doing the shooting back when I first arrived in China it was pretty incredible. The few days I was there, I counted about 5 billboards that I saw, took a picture with one, and even saw myself on the banners that hung off of street lamps throughout the city. I never expected to see so much of myself at one time in my life.

Continuing through the week, I had the honor of opening and closing the show for the same designer I did the billboard for and even spent some of the days in his showroom meeting with clients and doing a bit of live modeling for them. I felt almost like a celebrity in the city, so it was a bit sad to have to leave it all behind to come home. But I was more than ready to be back in my own bed, and back in the groove of things working.

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