Saturday, May 12, 2012

& so we update

I terribly apologize for the unexplained lack of posts...It was truly my teenage self being a bit lazy. Hong Kong was a million and one blessings to me though. Such an incredible experience, with incredible photos (those that have seen my facebook page - if you don't have facebook though, I'll update on here in a bit). Now though, I safely landed in China around 1 a.m. this past morning! I was brought straight to my apartment, which is incredible and HUGE. Where I slept for a measly six hours till I was up straight for castings. Castings went fast for the morning, and in the afternoon I already booked my first job! It was shot in the park, a simple catalouge - which will be about 95% of my jobs in China. The designer brought along her little two year old, who got in the habit of calling me sister in Mandarin all day! He also taught me one of my first words of the Chinese language, flower. After my job I came home to relax where I was surprised with a room mate! In my apartment, there are three bedrooms. Each girl has her own room except in the master bedroom there are two beds, so you have a little roomie. Right now we're the only two girls in the apartment, but we're sharing the master because more girls are coming this week. Her name is Nicole, and she is from New Zealand. We get along exceptionally well. We decided to run for some dinner together and found a quaint little Chinese restaraunt. Where I had a huge meal for less than $2.50 - China for you! I won't complain though. Then we did a bit of walking around to find the supermarket and get some essentials till it was off to bed for the sleepy girls.

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