Friday, May 18, 2012

car wrecks, train delays, & constant work

This has been a more than eventful week for myself. It started off bright and early Monday morning, I needed to take the bullet train to my job, but only to a city that was about 40 minutes away. My booker went with me to the train station though, and during our taxi ride there we had a fender bender with the car behind us! Early morning traffic, a quick dent, the taxi driver was a bit upset, but we carried on our way shortly. The shooting was probably one of the most interesting I have ever done. The outfits were very futuristic and space like, and the make-up was all white. My face was almost bleached it seemed. I'll be extremely excited when I get the pictures back, because it's unlike anything I've ever seen before! Especially in my commercial portfolio! For some reason though, the make-up artist, knowing full well I'd have a white mask covering my face and neck, didn't bring along make-up remover. SO I had water and kleenex to rub off as much as I could before I faced the public to go home. Coming back, I had to wait almost three hours because of a train delay, and finally made it home close to 12 to get ready for bed and my 4 a.m. alarm for the next morning. Tuesday I had a shooting that took a 4 hour bus ride to get too, so I was up and at it quite early. The job was for a simple scarf catalouge, but everyone on set was the absolute cutest and so friendly, I loved every minute of being with them. The job had a bit of over time though, but I was lucky enough to finish and get on the 6 o'clock bus coming home - making it an early night of 11 till I was back. Those two days wore me out quite a bit though, and the rest of the week has been castings galore and fittings for jobs on the weekend and next week. I'm more than blessed to have such an eventful first week in China though - it makes me excited for what all is to come!

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