Saturday, April 7, 2012

& so we're magazine status

This was an incredibly fun week for myself, aside from the lovely weather being highs of 75 and the sunny rays coming with it. This week I moved apartments from my little tiny one bedroom in Sheung Wan, to a big 'ol spacious apartment with two other girls in Causeway Bay. I think there will be alot that I miss of Sheung Wan, because the area is very So Ho. Calm, relaxing, cafe's taking up almost every street corner, to where my new place well...Directly across the street (I mean I can see every inch of it right now) is the Times Square of Hong Kong. So basically anyone who steps foot on the island as a tourist is in this part of the city. Which it's fun because there are so many different cultural aspects, shopping, etc. But I have a feeling two months down the road I'll be loathing just having to go outside because of the masses of people populating the streets daily. What also made this an incredible week though was the fact that 3 of my magazine shootings are out in stores! It's such fun to see. The first one I noticed, I didn't even know the magazine had ran and I jumped in a little store to pick up some water and there I was, just chilling across the pages. I was so excited I took pictures with my phone and eagerly showed the cashier it was myself on the page. Though, from her grunted responses I could tell she honestly didn't care at all. But I was excited. Hopefully a few more will be out within the next week or so!

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