Thursday, March 1, 2012

& so we're making changes

This past week I've been quite busy working on contracts with the next couple of countries I'll be travelling to this year to work. It's taken up most of my time, while the rest has been filled up with castings and focusing on the gym. There's nothing set in stone yet of where my next contract might take me, but it will for sure still be in Asia. I'll know more later this week though, because my contract here in Korea will end on the 10th of March and probably that day or the next I'll be off to the next place. With this change, I've decided to add another...Usually my days are quite filled with the same doings (castings, gym, etc.) So I've decided to stop updating on a daily basis and only when I do things that are fun and capturing. I'll still update about 4 or 5 times weekly, just won't be wasting so much time upating about my latest trip to the grocery store. Though when I went this weekend I saw possibly the smallest bananas of my life, which I pictured below. I'll throw the rest of my weekend in here now: It was quite calm really, the greatest thing I did was go ice skating again for a few hours with Mila and our friend Jefferson. But now we all have incredible sores on our feet, which isn't great with work or heels, so we don't think we'll be going again any time soon.

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