Friday, March 16, 2012

& so we spend our first week in Hong Kong

After a short one week, I can honestly say there is no other city that I have loved this much just from my first week of arriving. Hong Kong has such a personality on every part of it's city. There's always people outside working traditionally like chinese do, and especially in my part of town there are international people from all over the world either as tourists or working by owning cafes, photography centres, or the most by owning cute little clothing stores. Walking near my house, you can't walk for 5 seconds without seeing someone from America, Europe, Australia, etc. I told my family on skype, "It feels like I'm in America town in China!" Even my lovely grocery store is selectively titled 'International' because it literally has everything I ever buy back home, plus anything anyone from all over the world could ever want. Some prices tend to be a bit steep, for example almost ten dollars for one pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream! But most basic prices are relatively what they should be back home, plus a few extra just because it was flown over. Another thing I love about Hong Kong, is that here they agency doesn't drive me to all my castings that I have in a day. It's up to myself how to get there. And it's incredibly enlightening. I can take my time, ride the metro, bus, or walk. And if something catches my eye, I can stop and take a quick peek. For example, when I was walking back to the metro from one castings I noticed a model stopping on the street buying an ice cream from a vendor to enjoy on the rest of her walk. I like it because I can see more of the city, not just rushing by everything in a fast paced car with a time schedule, but on my own I can do my own thing. Which is what I tend to do usually, now just more freely.

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