Thursday, March 1, 2012

& so we go shopping at midnight

This Monday and Tuesday were such interesting ones for me. I finished my recent read on Monday morning which I was bittersweet about. Part because I didn't want it to end, and part because there was a tiny tiny bookstore I wanted to try before I left Seoul. It was only about 35 minutes away walking from my apartment, and probably the cutest bookstore I've yet to be in. It was a quaint place run by a simple elderly man. Thousands of books stacked in what seemed smaller than a bathroom in a regular size house. He had a tiny little ladder he would use to reach high up. Books cascading over staircases that only lead to the ceiling just to make additional room to lay books down. There were even stacks of books in front of books where you couldn't even read what was behind them. Thinking back now, it was probably a bit of a fire hazard, but it was a wonderland to me. I probably spent 2 hours in a shop that took me (and my long legs) three strides to walk across. I ended up donating my book I had been previously reading, and buying a cute little fiction story to keep me entertained. My goal is to finish it within the week now though, so I can visit one last time before I leave Seoul.

If you remember my friend Denys, he's from the Ukraine. Well he leaves on Wednesday for Shanghai for his next contract, so this evening around 8 he asked me if I'd like to go shopping with him. I said, "Of course, but isn't it a bit late?" His reply just, "No, no. Come along and you'll see." Well I did. Apparently it's one of the greatest markets in Seoul, but it doesn't open until 9 o'clock at night. The reason being, it's open late so people who own shops can come and buy bulk of what they'd like to sell. But it's great for regular people too, because the prices are cheaper than Wal-Mart in a sense. I was amazed by the masses of people out shopping so late, and especially that I had just now heard about it all. I ended up not buying anything, but I plan to visit again before I leave Seoul. Now I'm starting my list of things I have to do before I leave. There's only a few days left!

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