Wednesday, February 1, 2012

a quick trip to japan

We made the flight, and safely landed in Fukuoka, Japan an hour and a half later. Then we were off to the embassy to drop off our paper work. This was the simplest thing, because everything was already done so we simply had to hand it over the counter. Then we had the rest of the night and the next morning to waste till the Embassy opened up and we could get our visas and head back to Seoul. We ended up having dinner at the fabulous Hard Rock cafe, which is always a fun experience no matter how many times you've gone. Afterwards, we went back to the hotel to have a bit of a chill sesh until we ended up going to a late showing of Mission Impossible, which was thankfully in English. And then tested our luck at some coin machine games built for kids, but tricked to pull even young adults like us in to try for prizes and waste our money. But who cares as long as you're having fun.

This past weekend I was off to Japan with Bruno! We flew from Seoul to Fukuoka make our working visas for South Korea - it takes about two or three days for the offices to complete the visas, so we spent our time exploring the city, playing in the Japanese arcades, having a bit at the Hard Rock Cafe, and stopping in the movies late one evening.

It was almost an escape from reality, for just a few short hours we were no one. No where to be, no goals or lists to accomplish - just two people experiencing life through life.

Coming back to Seoul meant jumping straight back into work - which is no complaint. Straight from the airport out driver picked us up and we were off to castings for the day, with Japan but a mere memory in the sudden past.

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