Sunday, February 19, 2012

& so we're all over the world

I don't believe there's a worse moment when you roll out of your queen size bed and grace a breakfast table just for their croissants and nutella and in the moment realizing it's your last morning in Paris. At least for the time being. The good news though, was that I still had the day to finish all the shooting we needed around the city, so I could see everything one last time. We began by shooting in front of a few well known designer stores, then had a moment of shooting walking/jumping/being plain silly but lovely while crossing the street with the Arc de Triomphe in the far background. We had a "break" when I was shot simply having Espresso and Laduree macroons (Literally the best Paris has to offer). In the early afternoon we finished up in front of a few well known musuems, and buildings of simple beauty until it was time to head back to the hotel to gather our things and fly off to Seoul. I don't love the fact of leaving, but after 5 days of straight work and the days being over 12 hours long, I was gladly ready to welcome my home of Seoul. The flight was quick and easy, because I slept the entire time, and with our goodbyes, I was walking back into my apartment like I hadn't woken up in the most beautiful city in the world earlier this morning. The fun parts about coming back though, are seeing those you missed. So Mila and I had a little reunion and talked all about our stories of the week, and before long I was sound asleep in bed. Such a long day, but I wouldn't trade it for much.

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