Thursday, February 16, 2012

& so we work from dawn to dusk

Another bright and early wake up call, before the rooster even stirred this morning. Naturally though, Nutella made it all better! Today was shooting in Paris again, some of the key places being: Notre Dame Cathedral and the Sacre Coeur. Also, who can guess what was for lunch? Korean! So far, I have eaten more Korean in Paris, than I have in Seoul. That's just a sad, sad fact. Today was a ton of simply driving around Paris and shooting at all the different locations. And fitting it all in, in the short time we're given. We finished perfectly along with schedule today though, and celebrated with Korean. Just what my tired body was craving. And then it was off to bed, because tomorrow we had a 7 a.m. flight for the south of France, and I had to have hair and make up done before we left.

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