Thursday, February 16, 2012

& so we see paris

So 4:30 came obnoxiously early this morning, but when it came with a french cafe breakfast complete with unlimited Nutella, I was more than happy to jump right out of bed and into my day. Hair and Make-up was first, and then we were on the bus off to shooting around Paris. The job is for what's like the QVC of Korea, and it's a complete show that they're doing on French Fashions, so it's video/editorials. The theme of the show (for my part) is being an American Tourist, so we are shooting at every touristy area of Paris it seems. Which is awkward for me, considering when you put one girl and a whole team of cameras in a tourist location, everyone turns their attention to you thinking you're famous in even the slightest chance. It makes work extremely distracting for me, but it's such fun when the little kids come up asking if they can have pictures with you. We had lunch in a tiny french cafe, and then we were off to shooting again. Time is limited as it is, plus we can only shoot with the sunlight, so that's makes it even more pressured on our side. So by the end of the day I was terribly wiped out, but thankfully I didn't have such jet lag. Not really any at all as I think back, perks of being young. And before you know it we're off to yet another Korean dinner, how they found two different Korean restaraunts amazes me. But since they're my life line for the week, I'll just go with it.

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