Thursday, February 2, 2012

& so we make friends

Some days you simply wake up with enough energy to go full force against the world and all it throws out at you. In short, I was more than excited for my job today. It was a simple full day of sportswear for a hiking/climbing magazine. But ironically, was shot completely indoors. It made for a simple day though. I shot with a new friend I made, James, from New York. Having a job with someone from the states is always a blessing from God, it makes your day so much more fun. The day was fun, a few simple poses, a few jumping. The funniest part, to me, was during lunch. We had pizza delivered, which typically comes with jalepeno's and a package of garlic sauce back home. Apparently here, it's on the norm to come with nacho cheese sauce and individual packages of pickles. Which somehow, the combination of the three is incredible together. I would never have guessed that much. My day was full of castings in the afternoon too, and then an evening of chatting with the girl's in our apartment and now I'm headed to pass out and work all day again tomorrow. But who could complain with such a blessed job like this.

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