Wednesday, February 1, 2012

& so we hop countries, not tables

I'm not quite sure if it had to do with the fact I was eating a continental breakfast in a hotel, but for some reason this morning I totally blanked I was in Japan. I had a side of toast in my breakfast, and noticed a bottle a syrup on the table, my bright idea is to make french toast-ish yumminess! Of course, no one in Japan uses syrup, and what I thought to be ooey-gooey goodness, was actually soy sauce. All over my toast. If that doesn't scream yumm I'm not quite sure what does. Bright and early we were off to claim our visas and then catch the first plane to the airport. We had a flight at 11:30 this morning, and we were determined not to have a recap of yesterday. Well, we accomplished it all with incredible time to spare. Enough to enjoy a coffee and watch the runway. Then it was a quick flight with a wonderful nap and we were back in Seoul! Work is always first, and straight from the airport we were off to castings. Then it was home to rest for a bit. Mila and I decided later in the evening we were tired of sitting around the apartment bored, so we set off for a mini shopping expedition in a Meyong-dong. We bought and checked out everything, but our steals were some earrings, warm scarves and tobaggons, plus a new wallet for her. After a while though, the cold we beginning to reach the deepest part inside our bodies, so we new we needed to head home to warmth. Which is fine by me, I need sleep more than anything. I feel like I've been running for days on end. It's a fun thought though, waking up in Fukuoka, Japan and falling asleep in Seoul, South Korea.

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