Friday, February 17, 2012

& so we already miss it

This morning I got the greatest gift of sleeping in till 6, and I can't even explain how grateful I was for those two extra hours. I was also granted another gift, of shooting the first part of today's looks inside. When you've shot the past three days, for 12 hours, of summer clothes outside in 20 degree weather, you almost want to attack the person who decided to stay in with the biggest hug of their life. Sadly though, we only shot for three hours inside, and then we were back traveling around the coast shooting at some of the most exotic places of Cannes, St. Paul, and a little bit in between. Today, we even shot some pictures inside the airport, and that definetely got some stares from people around. The sad part about shooting at the airport though, was that we were already leaving to head back to Paris. All my days may be running together, but I already miss France as if I've left.

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