Monday, January 30, 2012

& so we're a trio

When a new model arrives in the apartment, it's basically you're job to raise them in one day to know the ropes of how everything works. The in's and out's of the apartment, food, subway systems, where to take the trash out, basically everything. This morning, Denys and I decided to take a walk to Itaewon with Mila to show her where the international market was in case she ever needed anything from there. We don't regularly go there, unless desperate, so that evening we also took her to the regular grocery store where we shop. The cutest thing of the day though was while we were walking about in Itaewon. Two Korean's came up, one holding a camera and one holding a white board with markers. In perfect english he explained how he was planning to propose to his girlfriend. I don't know what his full plan was, but for now he wanted people to write a saying of love/marriage/proposing on the board and then have their picture taken with it. We decided to write in Urkainian, because it's more interesting than English, and translated we wrote, "He loves you!" By far, one of the cutest things I've been apart of.

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