Sunday, January 15, 2012

& so we visit old friends

Today, I caught up with one of my friends whom I was extremely good friends with in Tokyo! If you remember Mariane, she's from Brazil. Well today, we took the train and went to this sort of "famous" street in Seoul, that's really only famous because it was pointlessly expensive stores that aren't even name brand. We looked around a bit and then had to warm up by diving in a coffee house for a little treat. Afterwards, we headed back to her place to chill for a bit. While we were watching something online though, her room mate came in with this HUGE platter full of this russian pancake with nutella spread across and bananas and strawberries cut atop of that. She cut us each a slice, and believe me it was incredible. Soon though, I had to head back home before it got too late, but I left with lovely plans to do something tomorrow still.

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